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'cause we are losers

geeks freaks nerds

We are losers
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(cwal está abierto)
(cwal est ouvert)

about cwal

WHY is this community called CWAL? // 'Cause we are losers.

WHO is this community for? // Uh.. Losers.

WHAT kind of losers? // The really big ones.

Now, f00 go join. xD


o1. Be nice.
o2. Be active.
o3. Post large images and promotions under a cut. (ljcut)
o4. Don't vote on just the actual ANSWERS, but the quality, and effort, too.
o5. When voting, put your vote in the subject line, so Matty doesn't have to read detailed votes, looking for "yes" or "no". If you're undecided, then.. .. Cool.
o6. If an applicant has broken a rule, vote, but also kindly remind them of the rule they broke.
o7. CWAL has a zero tolerance for cruelty. We don't expect you to get along with everyone, but attacking another member or applicant gets you banned.
o8. If you retire from CWAL for whatever reason, you will always be welcomed back with open arms, no need to reapply.
o9. If you are cut for being unactive, we aren't so generous. Yes, we want you back, but you better get your bum on reapplying.
10. All good lists have 10, so I don't see why ours shouldn't.


o1. Post your application behind an lj-cut.
o2. Only comment on your own application until you get accepted.
o3. If you are rejected, you can apply again in 2 weeks. You only get two tries, homie.
o4. CWAL has a zero tolerance for cruelty. If someone votes no, go ahead and defend yourself. But if you reply in a rude attitude, or insult any members before you're accepted, you will be automatically rejected, AND banned.
o5. When posting your application, make the subject line "I'll kiss you" so that my fellow mods and I know you've read the rules.
o6. When you apply the second time please make the subject line "i'm incredibly dead", so we know it's not your first time applying. (this doesn't apply when CWAL closes / reopens.)
o7. You have to have either 20 votes or 2 days to collect votes before you're stamped. Majority rules.
o8. Once the first person has voted on your application, nothing can be changed except an lj-cut or the title.


copy/paste the application as it is. don't skip questions. don't forget to follow the application rules.


members list






Here, at CWAL, Our Motto is, Promote or Die. Therefore, we ask you to NOT FORGET TO PROMOTE LOSERS. (ahaha. Lame joke.)

(can you say old school?!)

And there's plenty more where THAT came from:

((sister communities))

If you are interested in becoming a sister community to CWAL, e-mail us at cwalmods.

Did you ever see a llama kiss a llama on the llama? No? Well, DO YOU HAVE A SUGGESTION FOR CWAL? .. YES?!.. then, go effing tell us what it is.

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